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What’s up, Dear Reader. I am Egide Mbabazi. Born and raised in Kigali, Rwanda. 

My life spent has continued to instill in me a drive that not only includes a growing respect and admiration for what most of what the world has to offer but most importantly, a love for photography. After going to school just like many during post-genocide Rwanda, throughout my education, I always excelled in the artistic topics from my first painting and art class to rib-tickling doodles that I drew of my classmates and professors in secondary. I was always eager to tell a story and shed a smile on the people around me, and with this passion, I took upon a creative route in university, choosing subjects such as art & design as a minor with the delightful encouragement of peers. People and culture have played an enormous role in who I am today; by living in countries like Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Ethiopia and Dubai, I have seen my approach to the craft influenced tremendously. My introduction to photography was indeed unintentional but fateful. The work featured on this website is just the beginning of a journey that has resulted in works with athletes, models, new faces, old faces, celebrities, cultures and colors, finding new inspiration in each project. As for where this journey is going to take me, I like to think that I’m working on it as we speak. 2009 marked a year that brought new knowledge and inspiration to me.  Great photographers Jeffery Salter, Ansel Adams and Jeremy Cowart whose talents knew no boundaries, I was introduced. A blend of passion, talent, and success, these artists remained humble. Jeremy Cowart said “Not every photograph is going to change the world, but the most significant are those that show how we are all connected.”  In front of their lens, carpenters become kings and emperors become commoners, striking a resonating chord of humanity with each shot.

Today, I can be found somewhere in the East coast, camera in hand, mind reeling.